Paragliding in Nepal

Paraglider is a foot-launched, ram-air, airfoil canopy which flies with the energy of wind, gravity and pilot's power to steer. It descends due to gravity and ascends due to air pressure. With the help of air pressure, pilot decides when and where to fly, soar, dive and eventually land it safely. Adventure seekers seek depths and space where ever they can find. In Nepal, you have breathtaking depth of 700 meter or higher for the unparalleled Shangri-La that lies beneath the Himalayan range offering a scenic ecstasy of the valleys and lush green jungles combined with an infinitive visibility of the crisp clear Himalayas all around you,all ready to add another dimension in your flight adrenals. November, December and January are the best three months for Paragliding in Nepal. Superb weather and excellent mountain visibility can be expected during those months. Annapurna region, also known as the arms of Pokhara valley, is the best location for paragliding in Nepal. Sites around the Phewa Lake are popular, one such is the Sarangkot hill which provides a breathtaking view point of 700m above the Pokhara heaven !

Tandem Flights:Tandem flying involves flying with a passanger: both have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are very comfortable and safe which feel like an armchair allowing the passangers to sit back, relax, enjoy the scenery and even take picture.

Flight Type Duration Rate Flight Time
Acrobatic Flying 10-15 Minutes US$ 75 P/P 10:00 AM
Cloud- Buster 30-40 Minutes US$ 85 P/P 12:00 PM
Cross- Country 60-90 Minutes US$ 135 P/P 2:00 PM

You are entitled for a complimentry flight on each 15+ flight you book with as within a period of 30 days or 1 month.
We also offer tandem paragliding videos for our passanger for an extra of RS 1000/-
Besides Tandem flights we also offer various other services on paragliding like courses. para- treks and para tours.

Please remember that as paragliding is a weather dependent sport, If the condition are not suitable sunrise reserves the right to cancel flight at any time. If you will have not on the same days due to bad weather, we will have a refund. All the above price are fixed and includes transport from the starting point and ending point. booking should be made a few days in advance and must pre-inform.

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